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Our Locations

We are talking to local authority and community leaders in various parts of the UK. As local campaigns become definite, each one will have it’s own page here, found alphabetically in the drop-down menu and also directly by a unique email address –

Dudley Borough, with a large network of faith organisations and the local authority anchoring an extensive partnership, has led the way and has launched its initiative. Currently, fourteen other local authority areas, from large cities to counties to towns, are in the process of gathering a partnership to take part, with many other areas seriously considering it. Worcestershire, Birmingham and Bournemouth, Christchurch & Poole are due to launch early in the new year.

In each area, the initiative will have the benefit of being locally-driven, harnessing local creativity and energy and creating a unique identity, but with access to national media and a much bigger impact on social media.

We are also working with national bodies, to communicate the vision ‘down the chain’ to those they represent in their individual localities.

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