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Wouldn’t it be great if the community spirit we saw in the first Lock-down could be recaptured for the long term?

It’s happening!  Discover how from this website and please help spread the As One vision everywhere!

Coming soon across Birmingham is a major city-wide As One campaign, initiated by the Commonwealth Games Churches Working Group in partnership with Birmingham Council and drawing in many other community groups, all faiths, schools, charities, businesses, residents and others who share a vision for reviving the kind of community spirit we saw during the first Lock-down and giving it ‘legs to last’.

I am delighted to welcome the As One campaign, bringing together many of Birmingham’s community groups, faith groups, schools and others.  The aim is to express the importance of the kind of community spirit we saw during the first Lock-down and to help make it a permanent feature of how we live together.  ‘As One’ should be more than an aspiration.  Let’s work together to help make it a reality, street by street, stimulating friendship, fun, belonging and a helping hand all over our city.

Cllr John Cotton, BCC Cabinet Member for Social Inclusion, Community Safety and Equalities

The As One Campaign acknowledges and champions the importance of local community action and connectedness. These qualities have been vital in supporting Birmingham’s neighbourhoods through the Covid19 pandemic, but of course, their importance stretches far beyond this moment in time. I’m delighted to lend BVSC’s full support to this initiative so we can all continue to work together to boost the community spirit that makes Birmingham the brilliant city it is.

Brian Carr, Chief Executive, Birmingham Voluntary Service Council (BVSC)

Before the advent of Covid 19, I saw the effectiveness of Birmingham’s Permission to Smile campaign.  Now that pandemic has shown both the need for community connections and the willingness of people to step in and help, this is the time to urge us all to ‘fill our street with friendliness’, not just in a crisis but long-term.  The As One campaign has a tried-and-tested methodology to help create community connections and then keep them strong.  Birmingham Civic Society is delighted to partner with this exciting and timely initiative.

Michael Butler, Chair, Birmingham Civic Society and Professor, Aston Business School

Watch this space for more details (and check out the Home page for more on what the idea is). What it will absolutely depend on is fulsome support from local organisations, local residents and families to bring the maximum benefit from this united project. Please add your support – through social media, through participation in local events – and on your street.

Thanks for your support