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The As One initiative provides a unique opportunity to continue to grow the community spirit felt in many of our streets and neighbourhoods across the borough as we were all hit by Covid-19.

We know that people in Dudley borough care about their communities, and never has this been more obvious than during this pandemic.

People from all walks of life came together to support others in their community, and we have witnessed amazing acts of kindness and community spirit. From food shopping, running errands, phoning people who live on their own or are self-isolating and collecting prescriptions, to organising socially distanced street get-togethers for VE day, setting up street-based WhatsApp groups to stay connected, and creating community arts to lift people’s spirits; many people have reached out and are supporting their neighbours and communities in creative and inspiring ways.

As we look to the future, how can we make sure that these strengthened community connections and relationships don’t just disappear as the pandemic lifts? We want to build on the most positive aspect of the last year – this increase in community spirit – and help local people sustain it.

That way, we can together spread neighbourly help for those that need it, share friendliness, have fun together, tackle isolation and create a more positive, supportive environment for all.

The As One initiative aims to inspire and support ALL of us to strengthen our local communities street-by-street and we have highlighted ways to help you get involved where you live. Read about how other people across the borough are filling their street with friendliness. We also share what people, groups and organisations will be doing as the pandemic lifts to bring people together and support community spirit to flourish, including through starting a Street Association.

We also want to help capture and share stories from our local streets, neighbourhoods, communities and from across the borough, so as to inspire others to get involved and make a difference where they live.

“During the past few years, the community spirit of Dudley Borough citizens has seen us through many trying times. Now, more than ever, it’s very important to maintain it.  The As One initiative gives us all the tools to sustain and grow it and it will also give us a wonderful legacy from what has been a difficult year.  I urge people of all faiths to back it and take part”.  Rajesh Patel, Co-Chair, Dudley Borough Interfaith Network

I’m delighted to support the As-One initiative. The people of Dudley came together in a remarkable way during the first Lockdown and as communities we have continued ‘As-One’ ever since. The campaign now builds on that spirit of neighbourliness, encouraging us all to ‘Fill our streets with Friendliness’ and keep doing so in the months and years ahead.   We need to keep looking out for each other as we seek to build a better future for our Borough of Dudley. So lets go forward, As-One!  Rt Rev Martin Gorick, Bishop of Dudley.

“The churches of Dudley are thrilled to be a vibrant and committed part of the As One initiative, facilitating local people in each neighbourhood to come together, organise themselves and combine together to fill their own street with friendliness.  Friendship, fun, belonging, a helping hand on each street – what’s not to like?  We can do this and together bring lasting good out of the most difficult circumstances!”  Adrian Lowe, Chairman, Love Dudley network of churches. 

National As One director, Martin Graham, says, “Dudley is out in front and is literally blazing this trail, with many parts of the UK following suit. Community spirit has been the great silver lining to the Covid cloud.  I’m thrilled that Dudley is in the vanguard of a national push to keep it going and keep it growing once the crisis is over”.

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